Kangaroo Leather Pouch

Pouch made from Kangaroo Leather with Bendigo Prospector’s Club Logo on the Base


Everything seems to be going tits up at the moment. I won’t bore you with the details, but I didn’t feel myself. That’s summat me old Ma [bless her] used to warn me about. She was wrong . . . although I do wear glasses!

I was expecting a packet in the post from Down Under, but didn’t expect it arriving today. Bucked me up no end! Nestling inside was a unique hand folded kangaroo leather coin purse – made in Australia, of course. I was thrilled. The smell of leather wafted under my nose; was it one of those souvenirs of Australia made from a roo’s scrotum, I wondered

I would like to publicly give my warmest thanks to my friend RAY SWINNERTON for his thoughtful and welcome gift. Thank you Ray! I see that you even included 50 cents towards a coffee.

Ray with the John Winter Award
This news was on my first blog, but was lost in the big meltdown. Good on yer Cobber

2 thoughts on “Kangaroo Leather Pouch

  1. I am glad you liked the Kangaroo coin pouch.
    Our club purchased the die to impress the leather with our logo. Yours is one of only ten in the world.
    Ray Swinnerton.
    I also am a recipient of the John Winter award from The PMAV.
    (Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria. )

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