“It’s All Relative”

… says Uncle Sam.
“With thousands of year’s history all around the Limey Swingers, they are literally spoiled for choice.”

For detectorists all over the world, unearthing objects before knowing what they are invariably brings a thrill of anticipation. The enthusiasm, joy and sometimes exhilaration for what we find depends on the country and situation. For example, taking into account on which side of the pond you live, the discovery of a modern padlock or coin dating back 70 or 80 years can be cause for great celebration. But, it’s all relative.

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Me – a Violation and a Bad Apple

I posted a link to my last blog post on an American forum. The link was removed and I received a message about ‘a violation’. Fair enough – and I apologise for my blunder. Evidently I was ‘advertising’. “A few bad apples spoil the bunch” I was informed.

There was a reply to my post from a member whose name I forget – he said that William Trenholm was the guy who invented the first metal detector. I have other posts coming your way that name the usual suspects, but I had never heard of Trenholm, so I checked him out. I gleaned a lot of information from this book , ‘South Carolina Myths and Legends’ – The true stories behind History’s Mysteries by Rachel Haynie.

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Invention of the Metal Detector

At the end of September 2021, Dave Sadler of The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine explored this subject. I was intrigued. In the past I have explored this several times, the first in a rather whimsical way.

World’s First 

 I enjoy looking at old magazines. In a copy of a publication devoted to metal detecting and published over 30 years ago, the following report attracted my attention. The title of the short item was The World’s First Metal Detector? The author’s name is unknown. He (or she) told how the old, faded and partly insect-eaten illustration had come into their possession. The friend who had given it had guessed that it would ‘interest me’. Here’s the picture:

Searcher Magazine – August 1989
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