A *Bramah Button

Magical swords are often times connected to legendary figures throughout history. In particular, they symbolise a hero’s kingship. and we see this correlation in the King Arthur legend. Excalibur is a powerful sword that is said to be unbreakable and aids Arthur in the defeat of many enemies. But what has it to do with detectorist Pat Law?

Pat’s Button

In Yorkshire the word *BRAMAH meant something that was extra special, and especially good. 

Picture provided by Patrick Law ©

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By Golly!

Robertson’s golly first appeared on jars in 1910. The character became one of the UK’s longest running consumer loyalty schemes.

Robertson’s Iconic Logo

Sometimes the more mundane metal detecting finds are the most interesting – like the Golly jam lid shared by detectorist John Lewis. Golly is probably best known in England, appearing during the 1920s as the advertising logo for Robertson’s Jams. From the time the scheme began in 1928 until it ended in 2001, more than 20 million badges were sent out. If you have found one, please share so I can add to the blog.

The Golly was as much a victim of racism as any other. He was a large part of most children’s childhood and stood for no more than jam and the fun of collecting his many friends.

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