Sir Clive Sinclair

Today’s news is that Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor and entrepreneur who helped to bring home computers to the masses, has died at the age of 81.

 “What a guy he kicked started consumer electronics in the UK with his amplifier kits then calculators, watches mini TV and of course the Sinclair ZX. Not to forget his quirky electric car. R.I.P Friend.”

Lord Sugar

it’s very sad to hear that Clive Sinclair has died. He changed the many lives. And arguably, the digital age for us in the UK started with the Sinclair ZX80, when thousands of kids learnt to code using 1k of RAM. In the 80s the Spectrum was like a Rolls Royce with 48k. I mucked around with my mates machine … and then bought a Dragon 32!

Sir Clive Sinclair is widely considered the pioneer of home computing and other consumer electronics, as well as the bizarre Sinclair C5. Most have heard about the Sinclair ZX81 / ZX Spectrum, but his company also produced the TV80, a cathode ray tube-based portable mini television. Unfortunately, the Sinclair FTV1 (TV80) was a commercial flop, with only 15,000 units produced. Read more for two videos, including one on his quirky C5 battery-powered vehicle.

The Black Watch

In August 1975 Sinclair introduced the digital Black Watch at £17.95 in kit form and £24.95 ready-built, although this wasn’t available to buy until January 1976. Including a five-digit LED display, it suffered from technical flaws related with the design of the case, the chip, the battery and accuracy. Not only was the watch unreliable. Sinclair was not able to fulfil the orders it had taken. As a result, Sinclair made his first loss in the financial year April 1974-April 1975. The Black Watch fiasco had a devastating effect on Sinclair’s finances and the company would have gone bankrupt had not the Government, through the National Enterprise Board, stepped in to support it.

2 thoughts on “Sir Clive Sinclair

  1. Yes indeed sad news I always wanted the watch but couldn’t afford one .. Wasn’t to keen on the C5 .. He also had the electric scooter and folding bike which again never caught on …. RIP sir Clive Sinclair .. Gary

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