Fools Gold?

Unusual Brooch from 2011


Dave Walton of Stockbridge, Hampshire provided pictures of a ‘brooch’ that he found on a Sunday Club Dig. I found it most interesting and rather intriguing, although he found what he had unearthed rather disappointing. So why was that?

He asks us to imagine his initial euphoria when he dug a loud signal and saw FOUR GOLD COINS staring up at him. Alas, they turned out to be Victorian farthings fixed together to form a brooch, then gilded in gold.

As the coins are dated the year of her death in 1901, we guess it was made as a keepsake memorial brooch. This is a fascinating and rather unique find. I’ve never seen one like this found by a detectorist. Have you?

Coin Jewellery

Briefly – the history of coin jewellery dates back to ancient civilisations and there are many examples. I have pictured only one. The longevity of coin jewellery’s popularity is robust and seems to be increasing in popularity – although I’m not sure that a modern miss would wear one in a style shown.

Excavations of Roman sites, both on the continent of Europe and ones originating in the Middle Ages featured jewellery with coins. Some of the coins have been helpful towards identifying more information about the age of the jewellery and other artefacts.

2 thoughts on “Fools Gold?

  1. I guess that’s what happens when you have the opportunity to find some really good, really old pieces…….something like this would never disappoint most of us here in Canada I can promise you that John.


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