Bobs Bits 2

Bob’s Hoard

Although they were not gold or silver coins, Bob Burton was elated when he found his first hoard 0f fifteen almost identically marked tokens. Unfortunately I don’t have a close-up picture of one of the tokens.

The interesting thing is that they had been marked twice and, it is believed that JN is the mark of Joshua Noakes, a Wolverhampton market trader. I can’t find this or any other information. And unable to find ziltch on the initials GH. There must be someone out there who could tell me more.

Bob says, “Most people find ancient and valuable coins, but I’m well pleased with my little bit of local history. When I’m able, I will return to the field and perhaps find more!”

BSA Beer Token

BSA Beer Token

The rare beer token was found by Bob and ‘probably’ (talking like an arkie now) used during WW1 when the workers were busy making guns. After work they would exchange the token at the local tavern in exchange for alcoholic refreshment. Bob has searched the Net and consulted local dealers, but was unable to locate another example of this token. Have YOU seen one?

The Birmingham Smalls Arms Company, which started out in 1861, was a large British industrial combine situated in the Black Country manufacturing firearms, bicycles. motorcycles, buses and machine tools etcetera. Detectorists of a certain age may remember them as the producer of firearms and especially motor cycles.

See the Birmingham Small Arms Company’s early history from their own brochure of 1918

Cemetery Medallion

© Robert Burton. Bob described this as: a rather morbid cemetery token

Still in the Black Country and unearthed during bad weather was a medallion commemorating the consecration of the land for the Church of England in 1848 by the Lord Bishop of Worcester in August 1848, and represents a significant time in Birmingham’s history.

Warstone Lane Cemetery, Grade II listed, is in the Jewellery quarter of the city and now full … no new graves are available. The area has unfortunately fallen into a bad state of repair and largely abandoned.

Bob was offered a tour of the Victorian cemetery but declined. Perhaps he’d heard that it was haunted with the ghost of a woman dressed in white sitting on one particular gravestone and reported as ‘passing through’ nearby parked cars.

The Catacombs

One thought on “Bobs Bits 2

  1. I love it John.. a lovely read… Token are my second favourite find [after military of course].

    When I first saw the BSA, my immediate thought was ‘Boy Scouts of America’… but somehow, I do not think that

    they would favour a beer token

    Thank you again for an intriguing read John



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