Banging on about my Mate Dave

Cautionary tale for Detectorists

Most of us are familiar with the automatic liquefied petroleum gas exploders we come across whilst detecting on arable land. You know the darn things – they make loud sounds that frighten birds and startle unwary detectorists; we tend to give them a wide berth. The picture is typical of the apparatus you might find in fields.

Rope Bangers

My mate Dave was detecting one day when he came across what looked like firecrackers. There were quite a few and even though they were clearly marked ‘explosive component. If found, place in bucket of water for 24 hours’, he collected every one and placed them in his finds’ pouch.

Who in his right mind would carry explosives in a pouch nestling close to his gentiles (sic) – especially on one of the hottest days of the year? The answer is … Dave.

Rope firecrackers are a slow burning rope with proper bangers woven in at intervals. Think of them as a self-burning rope of loud (very loud) bangs. They are also known as fuse- rope salutes. Because they are relatively inexpensive to buy, I think we can expect to see more and more being used by farmers.

When I berated Dave for being silly and ignoring the clear message on the banger he paused, thought a little and explained to me that he had removed the devices because they were close to an area where children played and he didn’t want them to get hurt. Oh, yes?

The moral of this story is if you come across these devices in the field, don’t pick them up, ignore – they are potentially dangerous! And Dyslexic Dave? After a spot of counselling and further gentle chastisement he’s finally admitted the error of his ways.

“Rope bangers are extremely effective both on pigeons during the day and geese during sunrise and sunset. Rope bangers are a useful addition to gas guns, hawks or kites, creating additional variation, for effective bird control. The Portek double bang rope has 18 bangers as opposed to the standard 12 to give a more realistic and effective variation to the pattern. The bangers are sequenced to give alternative single then double bangs every 6 hours. Please note: Due to shipping restrictions rope bangers are NOT available in Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Isles.”

From the Portek Website

The Lowdown

For years I have mentioned Dave in my scribblings and some of you are asking, “Who is this bliddy Dave?” Or words to that effect. Dave is a quiet man and seeks no publicity. Often I would have liked to include a photograph of my detecting mate, but he always said ‘NO’. Until now.

I’ve persuaded him to change his mind. It only took two packets of rolling tobacco, some Rizla papers and a little of a cannabis-based ‘medicine – for his bad back and gammy leg’. Unfortunately the picture he chose is in silhouette. Even so, he may still be recognised.

Just cottoned on. If everyone is named Dave, then that means you will not take a bullet for anyone? Stupid statement – saw it on a tee-shirt.

4 thoughts on “Banging on about my Mate Dave”

  1. We have the Lpg cannons on some farms over here. Mostly used on rice and used with a combination of bright lights to discourage ducks.
    Crackers and fireworks in general have been banned for many years in our state in Australia.
    I would have brought the crackers home. ( Just for safety reasons 🙂 )

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  2. Gentiles.. LOL I have other terms.. however, for the sense of decency, lets just call the place the ‘nether region’, John..

    Good to finally meet Dave

    We cannot get those bangers out our way.. . The government I guess feels that we are not to be trusted with explosives..However, propane cannons are okay.. and they do a mighty fine job of scaring off the birds..

    In my case, I use the cannon I made.. I cast it up from old bronze and it works excptionally well. LOL


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  3. I suspect if one of those things went off in Daves pouch, he’d be out looking for an entirely different nugget next time! LOL….

    I’m sure he’s tired of hearing it, but “Dave’s not here man!” Hahahaha……

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